Vertical Mixer

The Vertical Mixer is a Versatile Mixer used in a wide range of applications. Its unique triblending action achieves the shortest possible mixing times. The Mixing Screw moves material upward and in a spiral motion. The upward motion is combined with a secondary internal movement along the periphery. The typical conical shape of the Vessel helps in cascading material from top to bottom.

BECTOCHEM Vertical Mixer are available in sizes from a popular 35 Ltrs lab unit to 15,000 Ltrs production models. Vacuum and Non-Vacuum applications with heating and cooling jackets are available along with Dry/Distilling systems based on user specifications and suitable for Adhesive, Chemical, Coatings, Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical and Plastic Industries.

• Efficient mixing.
• Complete discharge.
• The absence of a Pintle Bearing allows an improved swing arm motion.
• Full load start up.
• Minimal Footprint.
• Reduced energy consumption leading to lower operational costs.

The mixing screw rotates on its own axis and continually transports fresh material in an upward motion.

In addition, the mixing screw moves slowly around the periphery of the double cone blender.

Materials are cascaded off the screw and are distributed to the opposite side of the
vessel, completing the Tri-Blend action.

Vertical Mixer typically complete a mixing cycle in approximately 1/3 the time of conventional mixer.

Blended materials move to the bottom discharge valve by gravity for nearly 100 percent discharge.

120 cu. ft. units require only 10 HP vs. 25 to 30 HP on horizontal mixer.

The internal swing arm is specially designed to allow thermal expansion and a more reliable machine when used for mixing at elevated temperatures.

Many models of our mixer are designed to operate without bottom screw supports.

Full load starting is possible with the machine as the screw is normally started and materials are placed in motion before the orbiting motion of the screw begins.

Since these units occupy minimal floor space, users can free up space for other plant operations. The configuration of the mixer is uniquely suited for multi-floor or mezzanine operation and smooth material flow.

The slow speed of the mixing screw and orbiting arm assure a gentle low shear mixing action that does not degrade sensitive raw materials used in the process.

The gentle shear forces of this machine minimize heat build-up and prevent the degradation of sensitive materials.

Complete Vacuum Drying Systems are available to suit the needs of the individual user. The Systems are typically provided with a filter, condenser, vacuum pump and condensate receiving vessel. Complete control packages as well as Heat Transfer Systems are also available.

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