Sterivalve Flexivalve Rotovalve
• Interchangeable Core Part
• Same valve for different applications

To intercept powders and granules  To intercept capsules,pills and other fragile products To continuously feed powders and granules

This system allows the interchangeability of different components within the various butterfly valve models.

The Rotovalve Heavy is a valve used to feed and dose unbottled products during pharmaceutical processes (powders, granules)

It has a solid shape and is designed to be highly hygenic

Compression machines
Filters and mixers
Cell load and whenever there is a need to dose a flow.

Filling stations, cell load, automatic filling lines.
Filling systems in clean rooms.
Continuous inliner systems and whenever there is a need of fine dosing.
The Rotodoser is a brilliant solution for fine high precision dosing.

The model below is that of a Rotovalve Light with all of its features.

The only rotary valve able to work without having vacuum or pressure leaks.
The valve design allows constant tightness during every working phase.
Best for food and pharma industry as its high resistance towards corrosion.

The SteriSplit system, composed of two valves, is the solution to solve contamination problems.

The active valve – named so because its components command the whole system – its body is composed of four flared holes on its surface, which are necessary to hold the passive valve.

The passive valve has four spotting pins containing notches, which are necessary for the two components to be completly tightened by a bayonet.
Valve body in stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI316L)
Gasket and bushings in PTFE FDA approved
Other components in PTFE FDA approved
Finish: inside high polish (Ra < 0,1 µm), outsise satin ( Ra < 0,8 µm).
Drive: rotary pneumatic actuator
On hoppers, batchers or any where the powders are to be discharged Automatically gets mounted or demounted depending upon compressed air supply Extremely low noise level achieved with silencers as compared to conventional ones Different models and sizes available as per ergonomic requirements (Models: mobile or fixed)
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