Services We Provide
• Consultancy to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry on chemical containment.
• Design and supply generic glove bags for
    -for non-routine maintenance operations and process requirements.
    -for valve removal, filter change and any other operations and areas required.
    -for wet/dry product sampling.
• Design and installation of mobile containment units.
• Generate structured cleaning / decontamination schedules which are area specific.
• Consultancy on control access procedures for personal working.
• Provide consultancy for powder handling (packaging, reactor charging, sampling etc.)
• Provide plant specific procedures for materials, personnel and equipment movement.
• Provide wet/dry sampling, area access control, gowning, de-gowning, housekeeping & maintenance.
• procedures, training for all engineering solutions.
• Training in any/all of the above methods and procedures.
• Design and installation of rigid & flexible decontamination showers and de-gowning areas.
• Provide solutions and procedures for planned breaks in containment.
• Planning containment for all processes.
• Front-end containment design for new facilities.
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