The RIVA Company

• Located in Buenos Aires, the RIVA S.A. was founded in 1954 and is nowadays in 3rd generation family owned by the RIVA family.
• In 2004 the RIVA Europe Ltd. was founded in England to be closer to the important European market.
• Our core business are the production and R & D tablet presses for single and bilayer tablets.
• Other field of production: compactors for small batches and laboratory applications.
• All machines are fully GMP compliant and be quoted with a first class IQ/OQ documentation.
• RIVA sells about 90 machines a year worldwide.
• We let speak our references for our quality and reliability.

Riva WIP Isolator

Wash in Place :

Manual Wash Wand
2 Spray Balls
Wash Media Collection Point
Multi Wash Rinse Cycle
Optional Items
Wash Skid
IBC Wash Media Collection

Features :
  • Servo Controlled Drives
  • All operator functions carried out from machine fornt
  • Designed & manufactured to meet OEL 5
  • Monitoring & Control Software
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Optional Items
  • IBC Docking Station
  • IBC Hoist
  • WIP Tablet De-duster with Combined Metal Check
  • Magnesium Sterate Dosing

    Features :
  • Easy and quick assembly and dismantling of hoppers, feeders and dies for cleaning and product replacement purposes
  • Two product hoppers with paddle feeders
  • Pre-compression system
  • Easy access to the machine through eight removable doors,interconnected and equipped with safety switches
  • Independent vacumn ports for separate product recovery
  • Speed variation by inverter
  • Pressure compensation hydropneumatic system
  • Wipper seals on punches
  • Automatic lubrication

• Fully GMP compliant tablet press for small and middle size production batches.

• Operated by easy-to-use touch screen display, control and monitoring of tablet weight, thickness and hardness. Operation software available in all languages.

• Very easy and quick format changeover, optimized for quick cleaning procedure.

• Complete servomotor driven by means of dosing, hardness, turret and feeder speed.

• Can be upgraded for R & D purposes by means of galenic software package.

• Designed for 24h menless operation in middle size production.
• Capacity up to 264.000 tablets/h.
• Easy format changeover and cleaning, optimized for the cost effictive production.
• A touch screen displays gives the operator full control and visualizing of machine parameters as compression force, tablet capacity, ejection force and the servo motors.
• A metal plate separates the upper punches from the compression zone, which results in considerable lower dust and therefore life
extension of the punches

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