Ribbon Mixer

The Bectochem Ribbon Mixer may be used in either a batch or continuous flow form to achieve a homogeneous blend of powders. The double helix Mixer bar Ribbon Mixer has an impressive track record of applications where Customers have benefited from a thorough, high shear, mixing environment. An Ideal Mixer for homogenizing products of various types and sizes. Good for distribution of liquid, fragrances and slightly pasty components in micro dosages onto carriers. Each unit primarily consists of a 'u' shaped trough horizontally mounted, with a longitudinal shaft with twin bladed construction. Models range from 25 Ltrs to 3,000 Ltrs working volume.

A choice of various material of construction, central or end discharge design and various stuffing box designs can be provided to meet specific customer requirements. Bectochem Ribbon Mixers can handle many products including Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Animal Feed, Confectionary, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Plastics, Cosmetics, Pigments, and Insecticides.

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