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The BECTOR HECHT "ProClean Conveyor" (PCC) is intended for the safe and gentile conveying of powders and granules in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Its special filter head improves your efficiency and offers various possibilities for a more flexible configuration of your system.

• For working in a dust- and/or contamination-free environment.
• If the product needs to be conveyed under exclusion of oxygen (inert).
• For transporting toxic, moist and other products with critical and difficult material properties.
• Containers can be charged in low- or high-pressure atmosphere.
• In areas with highest requirements on cleanliness and hygiene.

Pneumatic conveying to the
metering of the dissolver
PTS with CIP cleaning head

for the highest hygienic requirements,eliminating cross-contamination and providing oxygen-free charging of reactors. Small filter area minimizes residual product.

• High flow rate.
• With its small design and the standardized connections, the PCC can be easily integrated into existing systems.
• Dilute-phase to gentle plug conveying is possible.

Closed Metering System
Metering System Integrated in
Drum Filling Station
Open Metering System

For fast and exact metering and shut-off of poor as well as free flowing bulk solids.The cross-section of the metering tube can be infinitely adjusted and closed using external metering beams.The system has no mechanical parts in contact with the product and is easy to clean.

Square or Cylindrical Shape
Mini Bag with Liner
Bector Hecht solution

• Containment application for filling and discharge system.
• Discharge of heavy flowing materials and wet cake materials is ensured.
• Low costs for consumables.
• Low cost for equipments.
• Discharge of Super Bags and Mini Bags by using the same equipment is possible.
• Simple handling.
• No cleaning costs for drums arise.


Filling Station For Standard Containers
Discharge Station For Containers with
Butterfly Valve
Discharge Station with Outlet Cone Valve

for automatic and dust free filling and discharge.

The systems ensure that even during change of container both container and filling or discharge heads are always closed to the external working room. Therefore, there is often no need for clean rooms and/or Ex-classification of the area.

For closed filling of Big Bags as well as drums and boxes with liners installed.

For the contained discharge from Big Bags and plastic containers

For filling and discharge of Big Bags as well as other containers. Containment is ensured by using protective liner.

For closed filling of drums and boxes using foil lining.

Using a discharge station with gloves and protective liner entry system. All containers can be brought in and discharged withoutlocking system.

For the highest containment for filling and discharge of Big Bags.

With glove box for safe filling. The station is complete including integrated screening machine and sampler.

Containment system to avoid cross-contamination during sampling. Version available for hazardous products.

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