Powder Transfer System

                                                             Powder Charging from SS Bin to Blender through PTS

Pneumatic Conveying System in the lean phased vacuum-conveying mode, which achieves material transfer by introducing the material in to the moving stream of air at desired rate. Conveying is achieved automatically, and continues till the material reaches its final destination.Being operated on a vacuum principle the system is intrinsically dust free as any leaks in the system will cause air to be drawn inwards, whilst the material will be protected within the equipment.The airflow is promoted by creating negative pressure through out the system using roots type vacuum pump.

• A vacuum conveying system utilizing Roots Blower, Modular construction equipment.
• Jet Air Wand with Air regulating Damper.
• Jet Air Wand fitted with stainless steel wire mesh to stop foreign particles entry in to process.
• Entire transfer through electro polished pipe with curvilinear bends and isolating valves both manual and pneumatically actuated.
• Suitable filters pleated 5 micron in the product unloading chamber, pulse jet type for inside cleaning.

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