Multimill relies on impact in Air. Material is dropped axially from a feed hopper in to the communeting Chamber where it comes in contact with blades rotating at high speed. Differentially edged (Flat & Knife) Blades in desired direction of rotation achieve shear.  Material entering the chamber is imparted to the periphery & passes through the circular screen tangentially and radically achieving size reduction.

• Unit is self contained and portable.
• Vertically mounted motor drives Rotor Assembly through step cone pulley & belt mechanism.
• Rack and pinion arrangement allows ease in belt adjustment.
• Four speeds are available to the Rotor shaft. Bearing Housing and Teflon seal ensure smooth drip-free rotation of the shaft.
• Rectangular charge Hopper with Slide valve for regulating the infeed of material.
• Interchangeable Perforated screen of desired hole size is held on by a stepped screen holding plate.
• Plate is located by 2 vertical studs fastened to the roof of intermediate hopper.

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