Lubrication Blending

The most economic means of achieving Powder Blending in your business is to purchase a Powder Blender from Bectochem Be your application pharmaceutical, chemical or food there is sure to be a Powder Blender which meets your requirement in terms of capacity, or materials of construction.

Do you employ Powder Blending Equipment in your industry? The Bectochem unique range of high quality yet cost effective Powder Blending Equipment is sure to contain the design for your application. Buying one of our Double Cone Blenders or Ribbon Blenders is sure to save your business a significant proportion of your Capital Expenditure budget.



There is a Powder Blender to suit every application. Intended for use within the pharmaceutical industry, the same standards are applied across all industries which employ a Double Cone Blender, offering purchasers an advanced quality of finish at a very economic price.

The Bectochem Cone Blender and Double Cone Blender are the optimum equipment for homogeneous blending of powders for any industry be it chemical food or pharmaceutical.The range of capacities available, rotational speeds, and materials of construction means there is a Bectochem Powder Blender to suit every application.


An efficient and versatile, closed double cone blender for granular and dry powder blending. The Powder Blender is equipped with either Direct, Fluidic, or Variable Speed Drives. The Double Cone allows a low shear product mixing environment.

Cone Blenders are also available with quick clampable, detachable bodies for sterile powder processing in sterile areas, and for ease of autoclaving the body. Models range from 15 Ltrs to 6,000 Ltrs.

Powder Handling Equipment options include conical adaptors with universal joints for Container Bin clamping and loading of Blenders can be provided on request. Applications range from Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Bulk Drug and Chemical, Dyes, Intermediaries, Animal feed and Food.

Face Powders
Dry Food Blends
Soap Powders
Agricultural Chemicals
Cleaning Compounds
Powdered Cocktail Mixes
Food Premixes
Confectionery Products
Sugar Substitutes
Ferrite Powders

PVC Coatings
Polyester Dispersions
Electronic Additives


Rotary, tumble type V Blender or Y Blender, with man holes for product loading. Cylindrical 'V' curves allow easy access to the internal areas for better cleaning. The typical 'V' shaped allows for higher shear of mixing without attrition and particle regeneration, leading to shorter Mixing/ Blending times. Ideal for fragile granules where the percentages of fines needs to be tightly controlled.

Due to its economic and simple design all of our range of Powder Blending Equipment is a maintenance Engineers delight. Units can also be retrofitted with conical adaptors with butterfly valves for clamping to an IBC for dust free, easy loading and discharge. Units are available in models ranging from 50 Ltrs through to 2500 Ltrs capacity and in a range of materials of construction.

When Blending Powder, it is a given that it is important to select the right model of Blender which is available at an economic price. On the Bectochem Ltd web-site you will see the complete range of Cone Blender and Powder Blending Equipment suitable for all industries and applications.

The Cage Blender is a functionally similar Tumble Blender to the Double Cone and 'V' Blenders. The special degree of mounting of the Cube allows for shorter operational durations as the sides and corners of the cube act as baffles and disturb the internal flow of materials. Units are widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, animal feed industries, as they are more compact. Employed in conjunction with a Post Hoist, the Cage Blender is an ideal product transport, blending and charging device.

Manholes provided, allow easy access to the internal areas for faster cleaning and change over. Bottom valve allows for easy and faster discharge of dry powder. Models range from 100 Ltrs to 1000 Ltrs in a range of materials of construction.These Blenders are ideal for Pharmaceutical, Food, Animal Feed, and Confectionary Industries and are available in Models from 300 Ltrs to 2000 Ltrs. Development models are available on demand along with a choice of materials.

The Bectochem Ribbon Blender may be used in either a batch or continuous flow form to achieve a homogeneous blend of powders. The double helix blender bar Ribbon Blender has an impressive track record of applications where Customers have benefited from a thorough, high shear, mixing environment.

An Ideal Blender for homogenising products of various types and sizes. Good for distribution of liquid, fragrances and slightly pasty components in micro dosages onto carriers. Each unit primarily consists of a 'u' shaped trough horizontally mounted, with a longitudinal shaft with twin bladed construction. Models range from 25 Ltrs to 3,000 Ltrs working volume.

A choice of various material of construction, central or end discharge design and various stuffing box designs can be provided to meet specific customer requirements. Bectochem Ribbon Blenders can handle many products including Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Animal Feed, Confectionary, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Plastics, Cosmetics, Pigments, and Insecticides.

The Octagonal Blender complements our wide range of Powder Blending Equipment, ideal for dedicated production campaigns. Units designed for bin charging and discharging systems allowing dust free operations.

Specially designed and constructed body allows for slow tumbling, leading to shorter mixing periods vis a vis Double Cone or Cube Blenders without degrading the powder structure. Models range from 25 Ltrs to 5,000 Ltrs in various materials of construction.

The special shape of these units allow for reduced motor sizes and resulting low running costs as compared with other units. More than 100 units are in operation in industries such as Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, Dyes, Drugs, and Chemical.

Many industries, including in particular the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, require a Powder Drier. There are a wide variety of means of achieving this either through a Vacuum Tray Dryer, Conical Drier, or Fluid Bed Drier. Whatever your specific requirements there is a Powder Dryer available to suit your purposes.

The mixing screw rotates on its own
axis and continually transports fresh
material in an upward motion.

In addition, the mixing screw moves slowly around the periphery of the double cone blender.

Materials are cascaded off the screw and
are distributed to the opposite side of the
vessel, completing the Tri-Blend action.

Vertical Blenders typically complete a blending cycle in approximately 1/3 the time of conventional blenders.

Blended materials move to the bottom discharge valve by gravity for nearly 100 percent discharge.

120 cu. ft. units require only 10 HP vs. 25 to 30 HP on horizontal blenders.

The internal swing arm is specially designed to allow thermal expansion and a more reliable machine when used for mixing at elevated temperatures.

Many models of our blenders are designed to operate without bottom screw supports.

Full load starting is possible with the machine as the screw is normally started and materials are placed in motion before the orbiting motion of the screw begins.

Since these units occupy minimal floor space, users can free up space for other plant operations. The configuration of the mixer is uniquely suited for multi-floor or mezzanine operation and smooth material flow.

The slow speed of the mixing screw and orbiting arm assure a gentle low shear mixing action that does not degrade sensitive raw materials used in the process.

The gentle shear forces of this machine minimize heat build-up and prevent the degradation of sensitive materials.

Complete Vacuum Blending/Drying Systems are available to suit the needs of the individual user. The Systems are typically provided with a filter, condenser, vacuum pump and condensate receiving vessel. Complete control packages as well as Heat Transfer Systems are also available.
This 3 cu. ft. machine is designed for operation under vacuum and internal pressure to 90 psig. The unit is constructed in stainless steel and is provided with a 125 psi jacket which is insulated and sheathed.

A 2" sampling port is mounted through the cone wall near the bottom and a manually operated valve is mounted on the bottom for complete discharge of blended materials.

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