High Containment Granulation Facility

Bectochem has a prior experience in installation of granulation suites single or adjacent processing rooms. The equipment layout is based on through the wall design to minimize processing space and simplify cleaning the equipment. Bectochem provides the complete granulation suite system including gravity charging into the high shear granulator, transferring through a wet mill to the fluid bed dryer and gravity discharging the fluid bed through a dry mill and into an IBC. Gravity is utilized to provide a more efficient flow of product. The product transfer are achieved through Split Butterfly Valve integrated with the equipment.

Dispensing & Sampling of the potent raw material is done through isolator. The sample is sent to the QC in a contained fashion and the desired quantity is dispensed in IPC Bin clocked to the isolator.

The Process equipment within the suite is high speed or Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG), a wet mill, a Fluid Bed Dryer and a dry mill all operating using Split Butterfly Valves & Gravity Feed. IPC Bin is brought into the suite & hoisted above, clocked via Split Butterfly Valve and the powder loaded into the RMG. The Binder is added either through from kettle through glow. After the granulation process is complete, the mixer rates on gravity and wet mill to control the product flow into the fluid bed dryer. Fluidization is maintained throughout the transfer process to assist product movement and to reduce clumping defects.After the fluid bed drying process is complete, product is discharged via rotating product screen through the actuated valves. The fried product is discharged into an intermediate hopper where it waits to be dry milled and then into the final Blender Bin. The bin is sent for blending.

• Optimization of the floor space giving particular attention to the layout personnel and material flow. This is reduces capital costs of HVAC, utilities, building finish as well as building civil and structural costs.

• Grouping of manufacturing operations and linkage of process equipments. Where ever its possible. This helps in optimizing yields providing quality issues, feedback quickly meeting OEL requirements.

• Usage of gravity feed, and flow bin systems. This reduces the labor costs, optimizes yields, minimizes cross contamination and meets OEL requirements.

• Careful design of containment systems.

• Clean-In-Place (CIP) & Wash-In-Place (WIP) systems.

• Equipments designed for quick changeovers and easy to clean.

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