Since the 1930’s, Fitzpatrick has been pioneering the development of particle forming technology. With the development of the Chilsonator® Roll compactor in the late 1950’s, Fitzpatrick has been constantly improving this dry agglomeration technology. Both improving existing processes as well as opening up new and difficult applications to the many cost and processing benefits of dry agglomeration, Fitzpatrick continues to uphold their tradition of innovation.Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, plastics and other industries utilize a wide range of Fitzpatrick machines, including FitzMill® Comminutors, FitzcM™ Classifier Mills, Chilsonator® Roll Compactors, FitzSieve® for gentle milling and sieving, Malaxators®, Homoloid® machines and pre-breaking equipment. Each unit is built to stringent quality standards to operate under the most demanding manufacturing conditions.

The Fitzpatrick Company maintains manufacturing facilities, test laboratories, and service and support offices in Elmhurst, Illinois; and additional testing,sales, and support services are provided from our office in Sint-Niklaas Belgium.

The Model IR220 Roll Compactor is ideal for lab, pilot plant and small production. Maximum process flexibility is achieved with

• Variable speed rolls and feed screws
• Variable roll pressure
• Roll gap measurement
• Multiple roll configurations available
• Process batches as small as 50 grams and as large as 20 kg/hr. with minimal product loss
• Cantilever style rolls allow for quick change out of a variety of roll designs, ease of dis-assembly, cleaning, and configuring for testing
• Totally enclosed process area with transparent cover for viewing
• Designed for bench top mounting or on a mobile base

• Full automated controls provide convenient operation and monitoring of all process variables
• Results scale directly to larger models–the rolls have the same diameter as the higher production IR520 so results are easily scaled
• Vacuum deaeration capability is provided for process development flexibility

Convenient and efficient size reduction of compact can be performed in the lab scale L1A FitzMill ® or the FS 75 FitzSieve. This equipment can be integrated directly under the IR220, or provided as a convenient stand alone unit.

This combination FitzMill provides efficient dry compaction with integral size reduction to conveniently produce the desired material properties such as particle size distribution and density.

The IR220 Chilsonator can be configured for mounting in a glove box isolator. This design allows operators to process hazardous materials in a contained system, protecting the operators and the surrounding environment. The motor and technical components are located outside for easy access.

• Operating power is 200-230 volt single phase, 50/60 Hz

• Variable speed drives : Roll RPM: 3 to 17 RPM
                                 Vertical screw RPM: 50 to 300 RPM
                                 Horizontal screw RPM: 10 to 62 RPM

• Motor horsepower :     Rolls: .55 Kw (.75 hp)
                                 Vertical screw: .25 Kw (.33 hp)
                                 Horizontal screw: .18 Kw (.25 hp)


The Chilsonator roll compactor is recognized worldwide as the industry leader for dry granulation.
Roll compaction equipment increases powder density and produces free-flowing granules.The IR 520 Chilsonator is designed to provide the ultimate process flexibility for a wide variety of products. Fitzpatrick machines are designed to be quickly dismantled and cleaned in order to meet sanitary and cGMP requirements. Accurate repeatable results make this equipment ideal for the most critical applications.

The IR520 can be installed as a self-contained,free-standing or portable machine. All technical components are enclosed and isolated from the process area. All controls are separate from the machine and can also be totally portable.

The in-wall design separates the product contact parts, located in the processing room, from the mechanical components located in the technical room.

The IR520 disassembles quickly, resulting in robust stainless steel parts which can be aggressively cleaned without fear of damage. All components are designed with smooth accessible corners and without product catching ledges. Thorough inspection is as easy as reassembly of the components. An optional wash-in-place system is available to eliminate dust exposure during disassembly and prior to thorough cleaning

THE IR520 can be configured with numerous features and options in order to process a wide variety of applications. Installing these customized features is easy since most components disassemble with hand fasteners.

The Fitzpatrick feed system delivers material to the rolls utilizing a feed hopper, horizontal feed screw for metering material, and a vertical pre-compression screw for pre-compression, deaeration, and transport of feed material to the compaction rolls.

The high speed vertical pre-compression feed screw is very effective at deaerating a vast majority of powders. Even many low bulk density powders are able to be effectively conditioned for efficient compaction. This feed system design provides significant process advantages with few components to clean and maintain.

In a few applications, the material characteristics restrict the ability of the entrained air to be vented from the system utilizing the pre-compaction screw alone. In these applications, the optional Vacuum Deaeration System is available to assist in drawing the entrained air from the product. Vacuum filters can be installed in various locations and a vacuum pump system is utilized to forcibly remove entrained gas from within the product. Process improvements can be dramatic with respect to both compaction efficiency as well as capacity.

Product Containment System and N2 INERT Processing (Option)

The Product Containment System (PCS) is designed to fully contain all product in the process and receiver sections of the Chilsonator system. A sealed connection between the equipment discharge and the receiver is possible due to the unique filters and vacuum system.Advantages include:

• Minimal product exposure to operator and environment
• Prevents product contamination
• Minimal product loss

The PCS can be combined with an N2 inerting system to reduce product oxygen exposure and explosion risks.


The CHILSONATOR Automated Control System is designed to provide optimum process control with excellent operator interface and data monitoring. The operator is able to view the instrument measurements and machine status information in picture form from the operator interface.

• On-line help and diagnostic functions
• Restricted access of various functions
• Maintenance and calibration procedures
• Roll gap control
• Historical trending
• Report generation
• Alarm management
• 21 CFR Part 11 capable solutions are available

The cantilever design allows for easy changing and installation of a variety of roll designs.
This convenient feature makes the IR520 ideal for laboratory and small production installations.

This optional system allows for processing as little as 50 grams, and up to 2 Kg., with minimal loss. This feature is ideally suited for research and development requirements. Results can be used to scale up to the standard IR520 or larger Chilsonators.

The mill is selected and configured to meet the desired particle distribution. Selectable operating parameters include rotor type, screen type and operating speeds.

CHILSONATOR SYSTEMS can be configured to meet specific product and process requirements. In most applications, the product that is compacted by the Chilsonator is then granulated to a uniform particle size distribution.This is most efficiently achieved with the FitzMill granulator.Addition of a screener, conveyors, and feeder depend upon system objectives and installation requirements.

A recycle system is essentially used for eliminating all fines and overs from the product. A typical recycle system includes the compactor, granulator,screener, initial feeder, and mechanical or pneumatic conveyor. Additional instrumentation such as level sensors are also required.

Feeding material from an initial product bin, through the Chilsonator and FitzMill, and into a product receiver bin is a typical Chilsonator installation. Advantages include:

• Totally enclosed system
• Convenient unattended processing
• Simple connection and retrieval of product bins

Material can be charged into the Chilsonator feed hopper from ground level by utilizing a pneumatic conveyor, either manually with a wand, or automatically dumped from a bin into a pneumatic conveyor pick-up hopper.This provides a simple, cleanable method of delivering material to the Chilsonator.

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Roll Compactor with WIP
Roll Compactor with Product Containment & Inert Processing
Fitzmill with Total Containment & CIP

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