Filter press on Skid

• Reverse flow design for practically zero hold-up.
• Offered on common skid with filter aid dosing system.
• Cold pressed and spinned filter plates for long life.
• The design tie rods for ease of operation.
• Shell thickness is suitable to withstand higher pressure for long time.
• Diaphragm type SS 316 pressure gauge
• Suitable pump can be integral part of the assembly. Duplex systems offered for continuous process applications
• Scavenger arrangement to remove all the liquid.
• Cake can be dried either by compressed air or by insert gas, steam.

                      Nutsche Filter Integrated with Isolator

• Nutsche filters are widely used for the separation of solids form mother liquor, in API, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & other process industries.

• It can hold higher size of cake material and hence does not require frequent cleaning of the filtering media.

• Neutche are available for vacuum or pressure application and also with agitator.

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