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The Fluid Bed Drier is probably the most frequently used dynamic drying process plant. The ability of the drier to impart optimum heat transfer to powders yet without applying unacceptable shear to those powders, makes the Fluid Bed Drier a favourite amongst process plant specifiers and users. Bectochem offer a Powder Drier of the highest specification, yet at a price which sets us apart from the competition.

A Fluid Bed Drier is particularly suited to the drying of free - flowing granular powders, providing as it does the optimum environment for the drying of powder. A Fluid Bed Dryer consists of a mass of powder, buoyed up out of permanent contact with each other by a flowing fluid (usually air). Turbulent activity within the mass of the powder as it dries promotes high mass and heat transfer rates, whilst ensuring that each powder particle is dried in a uniform manner.

The Bectochem Fluid Bed Dryer consists of a supply fan, an inlet filter, a heat source which could be water, steam, or electricity This hot air is fed through to the fluidization chamber via a perforated plate where the flow of hot air lifts the powder to be dried. Fines are usually lifted from the body of the drying powder and are caught in finger bag type sock filters. There is a pneumatic bag - shaker attached to the filter bag support frame which will routinely shake the bags to remove the build up of fines from these finger socks. Finally the filtered air is exhausted from the Powder drier via an exhaust fan and filter set.

Usually the Powder Dryer is loaded in a batch-wise manner as shown in these photographs, but other designs are available to load & unload the Fluid Bed in a continuous non-contact and therefore contained manner.

Prefilters: Coarse – 20mic, Terminal-5 mic, Steam heating coil – ss 304 bubes, fins- Al. Radiator with rectangular stacked coil.

SS 304 with PT 100 sensor

Operating console – push button type with digital timer, battery backup, emergency stop, bowl up/down, 2 position key suitable for bad shaking-auto/manual, Ampere meter-blower motor, 2position key-lowering & raising filter bag.

Air drying temp.& time, Bag shaking on/off time & no. of cycles.

Low voltage earthing, Explosion flap-Al 32mm, Overload protection relays, Pressure switch – if pressure low below set value m/c will not run. Pressure switch – both sides of inflatable tubes. Unless blower is ON heater will not start.

• Inlet AHU – Diff. press. Gauge, pressure transmitter, SS304 AHU, Hepa filters, Cooling coil – copper.
• Control Valve & fittings – safety valve, pressure gauge with isolation, inter-connecting pipe line in CS, • Drain valve, airvent, Solenoid Valve – ON/OFF
• RH sensor
• Temp. controller for steam – PID actuated valve in place of solenoid ON/OFF.
• Police filter – Exhaust
• WIP options
• Automation control
• Flame proof construction
• Bowl can be provided with vacuum conveying
• Pneumatic cylinders to seal the bowl to retarding chamber

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