Bin Wash System

Storage Bins and Intermediate Bulk Containers Wash Stations :
Bin Wash Station from Bectochem is the only way of maintaining your Intermediate Bulk Containers in their optimum clean state. Using PLC systems you can optimize the Bin Wash Station cycle times to ensure absolute cleanliness yet minimize water detergent consumption.

A Bectochem Bin Wash Station would be configured to deliver the optimum cleaning cycle for your Intermediate Bulk Containers. Bespoke in design, they are designed manufactured to the highest standards in each case the following parameters will be considered.

To clean bins ranging in size from 50 to 2000 liters. The materials of construction are chosen to match the duty and are varied through the build depending upon the purpose. Normally the contact parts will be 316 L Stainless Steel, but 304 Stainless Steel may be employed for IBC cradles, pipe - work, Pump casings etc. Air - handling ductwork and fans for the Bin Wash Station will generally be constructed from PVC coated aluminum, whilst non-contact component will be from painted carbon steel.

a. Double wall wash station to contain one IBC at a time.
b. Water tanks, pipe work, valves and pump on a skid.- Generally Mounted in the technical area.
c. Hot and cold air handling system.
d. Tank external sprays (fixed)
e. Tank (traversing) 360 degree internal spray (pneumatic cylinder mounted)
f. Pipe work and valves.
g. Drum cradles to carry the various IBC sizes.
h. Control panel.
i. Two doors – unclean loading door and clean unloading door.
j. Doors complete with laminated glass.
k. Drain tray to base.
l. Bin Wash Station Internal lighting.
m. Cylinder mounted inlet and exhaust air-ways.

 a. Inlet HEPA filter.
 b. Steam/Electric or Hot water heated heat exchanger.
 c. Inlet blower and ductwork.
 d. Air chiller.
 e. Actuated dampers.
 a. Door proximity switches.
 b. Pump outlet pressure transmitter.
 c. Tank temperature transmitter.
 d. Bin Wash Station pump outlet temperature transmitter.
 e. Air temperature transmitter.
 f. Flow transmitter.
 g. Tank level transmitters.
 h. Sump level switch.
 i. Air pressure switch.
 j. Tank jacket safety valve.
 k. Emergency stops.
 l. Photo-electric sensors, for man-way location sensing.

Bectochem work very closely with our Clients to develop a Bin Wash Station wash cycle which delivers an optimum cleaning cycle both in    terms of time, water and reagents. In general the following steps will be employed -
    - Process hot water rinse at a pre-set duration, temperatures, pressure and flow-rates.
    - Hot detergent wash at a pre-set duration, temperatures, pressure and flow-rates.
    - Process hot water rinse at a pre-set duration, temperatures, pressure and flow-rates.
    - Pure water rinse at a pre-set duration, temperatures, pressure and flow-rates.
    - Compressed air rinse.
    - Hot air blowing for pre-set time.
    - Cold air blowing for pre-set time.

It is important to keep your Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) as clean as possible to revent the cross contamination of products. A Bin Washer from Bectochem offers repeatable cleaning every time as well as reducing water consumption and cleaning times. The use of PLC based control systems optimizes the Bin Wash Station performance allowing a number of wash, sterilize, and rinse cycles for different cleaning operations.

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