Bector Hecht Pvt. Ltd.

World is flat. India & China will be the factories to the world. Mr. Guenther & Mr. Alok understood this Initiated to maximize strength, create synergy as “BECTOR HECHT PVT. LTD.” & is formalized creating arguably largest company of the world for Containment Solutions. GERMAN Engineering backed by INDIAN versatility to offer solutions second to none.


During the past 30 years HECHT has consistently supplied high value technology based on professional engineering.  Our long term experience in process engineering has made us specialists in the areas of material logistics and process engineering.  Our flexibility, speed and efficiency are the keys for your company’s success! Whatever your material handling need, you can count on us.

  Pleased to look over past 3 decades with great deal of satisfaction, as Bectochem has flourished in to full blown diversified organization operating in India also in several part of globe. Looking back has never been our style, yes but we have looked back in the past to do an introspection, to check out our strength & build on them for the long & winding journey that lies ahead.
• Flexi bag
• Continuous Filling Liner head
• Drum Sampling Unit
• Sampler
• Delumper
  • Q-Dos
• Flexible Wall Isolator
• High Containment Filler
• Rigid Wall Glove Box
• Sack Discharge Station
• Soli cone
• Tool Kit
• Transfer Port

• Consultancy to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing / containment.
• Design and supply generic glove bags for
   - for non-routine maintenance operations and process requirements.
   - for valve removal, filter change and any other operations and areas required.
   - for wet/dry product sampling.
• Design and installation of mobile containment units.
• Generate structured cleaning / decontamination schedules which are area specific.
• Consultancy on control access procedures for personal working.
• Provide consultancy for powder handling (packaging, reactor charging, sampling etc.)
• Provide plant specific procedures for materials, personnel and equipment movement.
• Provide wet/dry sampling, area access control, gowning, de-gowning, housekeeping & maintenance procedures, training for all engineering solutions.
• Training in any/all of the above methods and procedures.
• Design and installation of rigid & flexible decontamination showers and de-gowning areas.
• Provide solutions and procedures for planned breaks in containment.
• Planning containment for all processes.
• Front-end containment design for new facilities.

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