Perforated Pan Coating Systems

Pharmaceutical, food and confectionary companies employ a Coater to apply a coating to tablets or sweets. A Tablet Coater, Sugar Coater, or Dragee Coater comes in two forms - Closed or Perforated pan - both of which designs are available from Bectochem.

Three decades of proactive interaction with end users of coating systems has lead to the development of "THE BECOATER SYSTEM" underpinning our position as a leading company in perforated pan coating systems for tablets, granules and pellets.

"The BECOATER" exemplifies the modern symbiosis of electronics in mechanical engineering. Large perforated open area of the pan allows maximum use of the drying air. Retractable multi-head solution spray arms are provided with unique distance and angle adjustments to ensure minimum mystification of spray solutions, leading to reduced coating periods and costs.

Perforated Pan Coating Systems Modular pan drive, air handing and spray systems enable the installation to be configured to meet specific user requirements, enabling a flexible approach to control and the opportunity to change to other coating applications, without cross contamination.

Unique deep tray design with turbodisc (optional) ensures thorough and quick clean up and changeover. An in-situ CIP system complete with tank and centrifugal pump can be provided to assist in better CIP.

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