About Us
Bectochem is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical process equipment for solid and liquid dosage forms in India. With 30 years of experience, the company offers a well established products which includes granulation, coating, liquid and ointment manufacturing equipment and has grown to become the major supplier of Isolator Technology in India. In addition to our pharmaceutical machines we also supply to chemical, food and cosmetic industries with a range of process machinery.Bectochem’s product range is to be found in facilities across 5 continents.As we look forward to the challenges of the growing domestic and international markets for processing equipment, it is our desire to adhere to our founding principles"To provide continuous improvement in our quality and customer satisfaction, supplying at the right cost giving value for money with fast manufacturing lead times."
“ Think Different Engineer Smart”
“ To be a INR 1000 million company by 2011”
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• Founded in 1978 to manufacture pharmaceutical process equipment.
• Bectochem produces a comprehensive range of equipment including rapid mixer granulators, fluid bed driers and processors, mills, blenders, coaters & turnkey solids and liquids manufacturing systems.
• Introducing Barrier Isolator Technology to India in 2004, Bectochem is the acknowledged expert in the specialised and technically demanding field of design & manufacture of high specification barrier containment systems.
• The Industries We Serve:
    - API Manufacturing
    - Solids Formulations
    - Liquid Formulations
    - Ointment Formulations
• Bectochem’s product range is to be found in facilities across 5 continents.

We strive to provide continuous improvement in our quality and customer satisfaction, supplying right first time and on time with fast manufacturing lead times.

Gujarat is among the first state in India which is well connected with about 74000 kms of roads, 11 domestic airports and 1 international airport (at Ahmedabad), and the well planned Indian Railway network.
Infrastructure in India derives most of its robustness from Gujarat industry as it produces 35% of India's pharmaceutical products.
These above facts led us to establish our main work centre here in 1988.
Our manufacturing facility in Ankaleshwar spans about 100,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with state of the art equipment.
Pune is among the fastest growing industrial Hub of the country with even Daimler Chrysler having its assembly line for its Mercedes Benz brand in Pune.
Pune recently has become a prominent place for major software and business process outsourcing companies.
Pune is also known as "Oxford of the East".
The above facts along with the growing need for decentralization of manufacturing led us to establish an additional manufacturing facility in Pune .
This has helped us a lot in catering to ever increasing customer demands.

Mumbai is the Commercial capital of India and is well connected through Sea, Air and land.
It boasts of the largest port in the country, an International airport and a well structured road network.
Bectochem headquarters in Mumbai houses the Design team along with the Marketing team.
Together they are responsible for some of the biggest innovations in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

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