Capacity : 100 to 5000 litres.
Type : central shell welded with conical ends, jacketed insulated SS Cladded, tumbling dryer with specially designed lump breaker.
Designed for drying product under vacuum & simultaneously heating the product by hot water, steam, hot oil system.

• GMP units, ideal for pharmaceuticals, food products.
• Good for powder/ granular, free flowing materials.
• Low drying temperature / Good solvent recovery.
• Rapid and complete discharge / Zero holdup after discharge.
• Closed system - Automatic charging & discharging.

• Ergonomically Design
• High Effectiveness
• Low Product Retention Time
• Complete Solvent Recovery
• No atmospheric Pollution
• Higher Thermal Efficiency



The working principle of the conical Vertical Blender mixer is three-dimensional, originated from rotating elements in combination with a conical vessel.

• The mixing screw conveys the product from bottom of the vessel to the product surface.
• The central arm orbits the mixing screw along the inner vessel wall causing convective mixing of particles and shear.
• The speed of particles in the downward mass flow when re circulated by gravity in a conical vessel increases as the vessel diameter decreases.
• The result of these simultaneous actions is a fast and intensive mixing with low consumption of power together with high standards of mixing accuracy.

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